Updates on the Zoning Process:
  • Held a neighborhood meting in-person on 2/27/24
  • Held a virtual neighborhood meeting on 3/18/24
  • Presented the zoning case to the Planning & Zoning Commission on 3/19/24 – Received 6 unanimous votes in favor of the zoning application

The next step will be presenting the case to Cedar Park City Council at the Thursday, April 11th meeting at 7:00 PM at 450 Cypress Creek Rd, Building 4, Cedar Park, TX 78613. City Council meetings are public and a hybrid format.

If you would like to view it live from your home or on a personal device please see the viewing instructions provided by the City linked, HERE.

If you would like to speak at the meeting virtually or in-person, please see the instruction provided by the City linked, HERE.



Q.Where is the City-owned land and what will it be used for?

A. Should zoning be approved, the now vacant parcel at 107 S. Bell will be developed as part of the Bell District applying the same design guidelines as will be used in the rest of the Bell District. 107 S. Bell is located east of a planned multifamily senior living community and does not border any single-family homes.


Q. How will this rezoning impact traffic?

A. The City anticipated that this land would likely be developed with similar density when it began envisioning the redevelopment of the area around Bell Boulevard, and RedLeaf accounted for this in the District’s infrastructure plan. Rezoning this property will give RedLeaf and the City the opportunity to improve connectivity with the rest of the Bell District, which will help traffic flow more smoothly both within the district and on surrounding streets.


Q. What are the benefits of rezoning this land into the Bell District?

A. Rezoning this property to fall within the Planned Development that RedLeaf is responsible for delivering as master developer will ensure that this parcel develops consistently with the high standards of the Bell District. This includes requiring high-quality materials and design elements that blend harmoniously with the surrounding buildings, heritage trees and natural landscape. Adding this parcel will also help support restaurants and retailers in the district and help lure larger employers than the district could previously accommodate.


Q. Will RedLeaf still meet its greenspace requirements for the Bell District?

A. Yes. The Bell District will provide a minimum of 14.7 acres of greenspace, and we will exceed this requirement. The proposed rezoning will reconfigure approximately an acre of open space adjacent to planned for-sale brownstones (see parcel 6 on map below). This sliver of land would be incorporated into the brownstone layout. The planned open space will be redistributed elsewhere in the project such as the area around the new City library and the outdoor play area around the backyard.


Please direct any additional questions or comments to info@belldistrict.com.